2006年 11月 07日 ( 1 )

2006年 11月 07日

WHO Executive Board shortlists candidates for Director-General

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ほおお。これでプティ・サコネのとある場所で不夜城が続く。。。のかな?うは、これやばい?やっぱしやばいっすか?? やばかったら消します~ 風邪と多忙でちと前後不覚になってますので大目に見てやってください。

ちなみに、Dr Margaret Chanの日本での報道名は、『陳馮富珍』だってさー(asahi.com参照)。読めない。全く読めない。教養の無さ故かもしれないけど、どこまでが名字かかも分からない。カタカナで書いた方がよっぽどすっきりすると思う。。。もっとも、中国名と英語名が異なる可能性もあるんだが。。。どうなんでしょ。

GENEVA -- The Executive Board of the World Health Organization, meeting in Geneva, today agreed on a shortlist of five candidates for the post of Director-General.

The short list of five candidates reads as follows (in alphabetical order):

* Dr Kazem Behbehani
* Dr Margaret Chan
* Dr Julio Frenk
* Dr Shigeru Omi
* Ms Elena Salgado Méndez

On Tuesday, the Board will interview the five candidates, and on Wednesday it will nominate one of them for the post of Director-General of the Organization. This nomination will be submitted to the World Health Assembly, which will meet for a one-day special session on Thursday to appoint the next Director-General.

The current election follows the sudden death of Dr LEE Jong-wook, WHO Director-General, on 22 May 2006. At its meeting on 23 May, the WHO Executive Board agreed on an "accelerated process" for electing a Director-General, which will culminate on 9 November with the appointment of the next Director-General.

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